Training and Experience

I am able to meet the unique needs of pregnancy and postpartum owing to 21 years of experience of working almost exclusively within the birth world, over a 1000 hours of training including 5 courses devoted to the childbearing year, all the knowledge and stories shared so generously by clients and colleagues, and continuous explorations into creative and healing abilities of my own body. My work is rooted in techniques and underlying principles of Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, and Swedish massage. Each session is a new world: a confluence of echoing your stated intentions, following the body’s landscape and cues, and integrating feedback as we go. At its heart, I believe the greatest offering of bodywork is assisting the vast intelligence of your own body to flow unimpeded and work its magic.

The Roots

I started dancing at thirteen—this is how I came to know and fall in love with the body as infinitely fascinating, wise, artful, awake. By seventeen I was already interested in bodywork, but it wasn’t until 2000 shortly after I moved to San Francisco that I was able to start my training. Years later, the somatic journey is showing no signs of dullness or boredom, drawing me deeper in and further. My personal embodiment rituals continue to refine, inform and inspire my understanding of bodywork: each week is filled with dance training (Fusion Bellydance, Afro-Hatian, Contemporary, conditioning), I pay regular visits to healing arts practitioners who inspire me, and roam through the woods, mountains and meadows to flood my mind with beauty and stay in touch with the older, more instinctual part of my being. I also make art: jewelry and suminagashi, Floating Ink Works.

Back In Being: The Name

Back In Being is about returning moment after moment, into the fullness of our selves — embodied, intelligent, dynamic, complex. Rooted in the depths of our being, filled with a sense of belonging on a cellular level, we expand and shine. Coming from this place nourishes our sense of connectedness and ability to offer our best gifts to the world.

I am a mother of twin boys!my twin boys!

After so many years of supporting pregnant and new mammas, I have finally become a parent myself. I am aware that my own pregnancy, birth and new mamma story is but one of countless stories. I do my best to ensure that my personal experience does not interfere with freshly tuning into your story and needs, and my work still remains rooted in everything I learned during the first 20 years of practicing massage. At the same time, having experienced a high risk pregnancy culminating with a 3-day long labor and an emergency cesarean, and followed by raising twin baby boys in the thick of the pandemic, I now have first hand experience with many things I knew about strictly as a birth professional before. These life experiences did profoundly affect my work in ways I welcome: I have never value life more that I do now, my desire to support women is stronger than ever, and having lost my work for year and a half due the pandemic I know just how intrinsic the practice of bodywork is to my overall sense of happiness and wellbeing.