To ensure maximum safety for both my family and yours, I require that all my clients:

  • are fully vaccinated including booster shots, as well as their entire household (those who are eligible)
  • that everyone wear a KN95 mask or equivalent while I am at your house. naturally, I will be wearing a mask myself at all times.

I am fully vaccinated, so is my husband and our nannies. Our toddler twin boys are not. We continue to maintain a strict protocol in regards to our interactions with the world—anything we can do to protect our precious children.

Cancellation policy

Without 24-hour notice, I ask for the full fee of the cancelled session minus travel fee: $150.

There is no penalty:

  • if I am able to fill your spot, or you send someone in your place
  • if you are sick and contagious
  • if you go into labor—most certainly not!
  • if a medical emergency comes up

If one of the last two, I would appreciate a token $33 as a gesture of kindness to offset the missed appointment.

Reverse cancellation policy

The only reason I may cancel last minute is if I get sick. I will let you know as soon as possible.

I take great pains to make sure this never happens, but if I am the one that makes a scheduling mistake and miss our appointment, absolutely I owe you a session free of charge.


Everything you share with me during our appointments and communications is confidential.