Bay Area Birth Community

Try hard as I may, I could not do justice to the abundance of birth resources in the Bay Area. I include here the practitioners who have long been wonderful presence in the birth world, and whom I personally know and continually refer to.


Michelle Welborn | 415-902-6987 | San Francisco, Bay Area

Kara Jo Engelbrecht | 415-793-6728 | SF / Bay Area

Doula Services

Desiree Dougherty | | Greater SF / Bay Area

Heather Charmatz & Kristina Boehme | SF / Bay Area


Craig Marble, L.Ac. | 415-595-1073 | SF Bay Area

Naomi Graham  |  North Bay

Chiropractic (low force)

Jenny Proenza, Spark Chiropractic | 415-648-6481 | SF

Yoga | Pilates | Pelvic Floor

Britt Fohrman | Pre- and Postnatal Yoga | 415-821-2699 | SF

Leslie Howard | The Pelvic Floor & Iyengar Yoga | 415-823-1699 | Bay Area ⇒ International

Kari Marble | Pre- and Postnatal Yoga | 415-845-1073 | northwest SF

Cynthia Bahmani | Pre- and Postnatal Pilates

bahmanipilates (instagram) | 415-519-5926 | Pacific Heights, SF

Naturopathic Primary Care

San Francisco Natural Medicine | 415-643-6600 | Potrero Hill, San Francisco

Natural Resources | 415-550-2611 | San Francisco
A comprehensive resource center for pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. They offer a wide variety of classes, support groups, have a store and a lending library, and offer a place for mammas and babies to just come in, rest, have a cup of herbal tea.